Ponygirl Fetish Performance

Throwback to the legendary ponygirl fetish performances at the Boudour in Holland. Classy and unforgettable!

A combination between perfectly trained Ponygirls and the trainer. An act that is distinguished by the classic style and appearance.

The performance begins on stage with the presentation of the Mistress. In this case none other than one of Germany’s best known Mistresses: Dominique La Mer

Then introducing the four Ponies and presenting their skills. After the approval of the Mistress they are made one by one. Then the ride can begin and the whole moves to the hall. Depending on the room, you can drive around. Two supervisors ensure the smooth running of the ride.

Visitors can also be taken as passengers. A tour attraction for the general party visitor is unfortunately not possible. But think for example of a promotional action for your party. Have a visitor who is important to your party take a photo or film with a ride.

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