Keep Your Latex Wear Sharp

Latex rubber is a natural product, and will provide many years of sensual pleasure for you and all those you play with, provided you care for it correctly.


Once you’ve played in your latex, it is going to need a clean, fill either the sink or bath with 3 or 4 inches of lukewarm water (no soap), turn the garment inside out and gently wash it. Then pop it on a plastic hanger right side out until dry on the outside, then turn it inside out until dry on the inside.


Liberally cover the inside of your garment, then shake out any excess before pulling it on. If you’re having trouble getting a garment on then you’re just not using enough powder.


Spray or spread a liberal amount onto the garment and gently smear it with a soft, lint-free cloth or bare hands until the surface gleams, silicone spray or silicone polish is good for this РDO NOT rub hard. At best you will merely wipe away all the shine, and at worst you may damage the surface. You do not want to wipe OFF the shining product …merely spread it around.

Avoid or at least be careful of sharp objects like jewelry and long nails, cigarettes .

Never use oils and latex together, latex will gradually disintegrate. So if you plan on something slippery, make sure it is water based.

Do not store latex near sunlight or it will chalk or turn white, store in a dark cupboard. Try silicone polish to hide the white if this happens .Be sure they are dry and stored away from the sun. we don’t recommend hanging latex on wire hangers or by the straps.

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