Ass Devotion, the Original Fetish

When I think of men from yesterday year sitting around checking out women, it seems to me the original fetish HAD to be the booty. Those big old dresses those ladies used to lounge in were way too hideous to check out a nice pair of tits

But an ass? One that sticks out like it’s waiting for someone to grab?

Oh yes, the original fetish

speaking of original fetishes, there’s a new kid on the block that goes by Ash Beckett and he’s got a story to share!

some of the best new porn you’ll find around, dedicated to all of his kinky little fetishes

starting with… You guessed it, the ass!

Now Ass Devotion looks to be a brand new site, but I have high hopes as several of the ample assed women just so happen to be my favorite

so give Ass Devotion a look see, and don’t forget the name Ash Beckett. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing it around a lot more!

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