Taking Care of Latex

Latex care

Latex is generally dull and lifeless when first manufactured. To bring it to life and to make it shine please follow the following instructions.

Before wearing it

Wash the garment first. Use warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly and dry carefully without stresing any of the garment. Turn inside out after a short period. This process can be achieved by drying with a gentle heat, i.e. tumble dryer at the lowest setting (40). Repeated washing and drying will help shine the garment further.

Extra shining

After drying thoroughly the material can be made to shine further with the application of Latex-Super Shiner or Rubber Shine Glow then polished with a soft dry cloth.

Putting on

Before putting on, ensure that the inside of the garment is well sprinkled with talcum powder. Take great care not to stress small areas of the garment. Pull on gently, taking care your fingernails, rings, etc. do not snag the material.

Take care of your latex

Do not expose it to sunlight for too long as ultra-violet light causes rapid deterioration in latex. Store in a dark closed drawer.


If your garment has straps which occasionally may have to be re-glued, then we recommend Copydex.

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