A Fetish Fantasy

I was getting weary. I would been here for 2 hours already. All of the
nice-looking females were sometimes with an individual or did not want something to do with somebody like me. I smiled to myself. A shame for them. I leaned back
on the barstool of mine and stretched, my eyes roaming the patrons one last time prior to leaving.
Generally there she was. A spectacular dark haired female looking right at me, a
faint grin on the face of her. I held the eyes of her for a short time, to see when she was
significant. Her gaze don’t wavered.
I left a little cash on the bar and also stood. Gradually, apparently with no
certain location, I wandered in the direction of her. Every then and now I
caught sight of her throughout the crowd, smiling gently, sitting there, looking down to the glass of her.
I paused at her table. “Pardon me, is anybody sitting here?”
She smiled up at me. The speech of her was deep, melodic. “No. And I am not
either.” My heart sank as she stood up and collected the items of her.
“I am going someplace quieter.” She stared directly to the eyes of mine.
“Care to join me?”
Just before I can answer, she took the hand of mine and was leading me with the door. The heart of mine was pounding as I followed along.
Outside, I begun to question her where had been had been going. “Shh, be quiet.
Do not care about it. A place is known by me we will not be disturbed.” This was getting
to be as unnerving as it was fascinating.
For many blocks, she held the hand of mine firmly as we walked across the cracked pavement. Stopping in front of a tiny furniture shop, she paused.
“In here”, she whispered. To the amazement of mine, a critical appeared in her
hands, and just before I knew it, we had been to the furniture store with her locking the door behind us.
She led me through the darkness with a certainty that made me understand she’d carried this out many, often before. The kind of upset me, I was
merely an additional conquest for her, until it hit me that that is virtually all she will happen to be to me. One more conquest.
We paused before a screen of bedding.
“Strip”, she stated.
Currently the face of mine was flushed. This was a little too strange for me. Undertaking it
in a furniture store, in the darkness, on a display bed. “Wait a minute, it’s
sort of creepy in there. Cannot we go someplace else?”
“You could. I am staying here.” And she lay down on the bed, stretching
the entire body of her invitingly. I stood there uncertainly.
“I requested you to strip”, she stated.
Gradually, I undressed. It was extremely odd, standing up there in the dark,
nude, encompassed by brand new furniture, with a female waiting for me. It was rather
thrilling, actually.
“Lie down.” I did. The entire body of mine was covered with goosebumps. I would never
been interested in kinky issues, though I was very switched on by this time.
To the dismay of mine, she stood up. “Stay there.” I watched as she undressed
in the darkness, her entire body sillouetted by the faint lighting coming from the front window. I might observe the big breasts of her, I may even see her erect nipples.
She transferred to one side, my eyes to follow her. She bent over, and also I
heard a rustling sound. Then she stood once again, and leaned over the foundation.
I felt anything close around the wrist of mine. I blinked, and the wrist of mine was
linked with the bed frame. I attempted to protest, to say a thing, but she jumped
on the bed and wrapped an additional rope around the other wrist of mine. Rapidly, she
fastened it with the bed frame. I lay there in shock as she tied the ankles of mine as
well. But no longer was I excited. I was afraid.
“What are you doing?”, I requested weakly. I could not see, but I can
sense the smile of her of the darkness.
“What would you need me to do?”
“Untie these damn ropes.”
She laughed. “I do not believe so. You are the person who began this. YOU
came to ME. You cannot out now.”
I lay there, unpleasant. She was right, I’d gotten myself into this particular.
Today everything I’d to carry out was determine a way from it.
The voice of her dropped to a whisper, but rather than looking for it appealing, it sounded threatening.
“Here, perhaps this will likely make things easier.”
She was beside me. I attempted to go out, but I was bound way too tight.
Something went around the head of mine, more than the eyes of mine. I was blindfolded. She laughed.
“There. A lot better.” Significantly less much as I was worried. I was terrified.
I experienced her on the bed with me, and cringed. I cried away as I felt
the mouth of her close more than the left nipple of mine. The hand of her was on the mound of mine, and also my entire
body shuddered. She spoke softly.
“There, there, almost everything is going to be all right. You simply relax. We
are not going anywhere for rather some time, for that reason only relax and enjoy yourself.”
Her finger slid into the pussy of mine, and I cried away once again. Her mouth
went from breast to breast, licking, sucking, nibbling at them. Her finger
rubbed the clit of mine anxiously, and just before I understood what was going on, I was moaning in ecstacy as a huge orgasm rushed through me.

She stopped. I lay there panting.
“See? It is not so dangerous, is it?” I did not answer. “IS IT?”, she said
far more sharply. Frightened once again, I shook the head of mine quickly.
I felt the moving of her, and also found myself inhaling the fragrance of an aroused female. She knelt above me, the crotch of her in the experience of mine.
“Lick me, honey.” No earlier had she declared when I experienced the tongue of her
probing me. I gasped at the unexpected pleasure, and lay still, whimpering.
LICK was SAID by “i ME!”
I did. This female knew how you can please, I’d to admit. As I tongued
the fragrant pussy of her, she was rapidly bringing me to one more climax. I
paused, panting.
“DON’T STOP, HONEY.” Startled, I resumed the task of mine, and was soon
rewarded by hearing the sigh of her even while she kept directly on licking me. She was
rocking forth and back above me, and also I strained to keep the contact of mine as we both came over and over.
She moved fast, twisting about plus kissing me on the jaws. The
sample of the own juices of mine, the fragrance of the own arousal of mine, made me wish to go with whatever she wanted. I was very warm.
She untied the ankles of mine. Then the wrists of mine. Gratefully, I massaged my
wrists, but she got me and also switched me over. The wrists of mine have been bound together
behind the back of mine, my ankles bound once again to the bed. In spite of myself, I was
still aroused. Perhaps this was not so dangerous after all.
The speech of her was husky.
“Shame on you, going to singles bars, searching for women.”
And she spanked me. I yelped and tried twisting at bay. Absolutely no success.
“Shame on you, making like in a public place.”
She spanked me once again. The bottom of mine was burning.
“Shame on you, thinking you might have the way of yours with me.”
Yet another spank.
I lay there gasping, and suddenly felt the slide of her the fingertips of her to the still drenched pussy of mine. The ass of mine was on fire, and the unexpected pleasure was too
much. I came immediately. And I came very hard.
She did not prevent. She spanked me, played with me, spanked me, and
played with me. I was extremely sore, and so aroused.
I experienced her untying the ankles of mine. The wrists of mine subsequent. She rolled me over and
ripped the blindfold off. She knelt above me, looking at me in the dim light.
I looked up at her in wonder. And dread. And longing.
“Make me cum”, she whispered.
As I hit for her, frantic with motivation, I realized I did not have any idea her nameā€¦.

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